Stephen Crowhurst




Hello, my name
is Stephen Crowhurst.

For the past 22 years I have dedicated my time to understanding how art, design, technology and human behaviour have become inherently linked. I’m a firm believer in using technology as a platform to push design thinking and communicate ideas.

Currently, at Klick Health I am working as a Senior Product Director / UI Director. Pitch concepts, managing design teams, managing PM and DEV teams, Art Directing and designing interfaces for both iOS and Android platforms (iPads and mobile phones) used as sales aids within the pharmaceutical industry. As well as websites that can be accessible on all existing platforms. I have also been charged with the task of creating digital concepts for both conferences and public installations. As well as creating workable concepts for both VR and AR.

I have a great deal of experience on the traditional agency side having worked on and led the design direction of such brands as Samsung, Bacardi, Ford, Purina, RedBull, Heineken, Novartis, Alcon and I feel very passionate about sharing my creativity and experience with my peers and I love getting junior teams excited about design and the possibilities of creating beautiful work.

My experience includes managing creative teams and their work

loads, mentoring junior designers, concept development,

Illustration, mobile interface design, web design, working closely

with UX, DEV and Animation teams, logo development,

storyboarding, consumer packaging, as well as brand direction and

I am always looking to take the brand to the next level when given

the opportunity and presenting the opportunity when one isn’t on

the table. I have excellent communication skills and I’m able to

understand the scope of work and the direction of the marketing

team easily and demonstrate that vision through the development

of multiple design concepts.

With my background, I have extensive experience working with

multiple clients and marketing teams and I have always been able

to establish and maintain excellent relationships with clients and

colleagues. I enjoy working in a team environment and ensuring I

have great working relationships while managing projects and

working to exceed expectations.

In my spare time I am also working very hard at living my dream of

being an Abstract Painter. Exploring ideas around AR interfaces and

how we will interact with UI in the future.

I appreciate your consideration and would welcome to opportunity

to speak with you further.

Sincerely, Stephen Crowhurst